snowflake mandala. botanical mandala
Snowflake Mandala
Last weekend, during "Light in Winter", Ithaca's science and art festival, I attended a delightful lecture on snow crystals. It was by Kenneth Libbrecht. I have his book and it is filled with many wonderful pictures of snowflakes. I have always been fascinated by snowflakes. Their beautiful radial symmetry make them a natural subject to incorporate into a mandala. Years ago I made a number of drawings of snowflakes for a project. I used an old book of snowflakes by William Bentley. It contained thousands of photographs of snowflakes by the Vermont farmer. Made nearly a hundred years ago, this collection of microphotographs was an amazing achievement. I was glad to find my drawings, and made this mandala using one of my favorites.

Edition size 50
Print Size:13"x13"
Matted size (circle cut mat):16"x16"
$50 Unframed, $80 Framed