Sea Turtle Mandala. botanical mandala
Sea Turtle Mandala
Turtles are wonderful animals. As a boy, I had a pet box turtle that I enjoyed for months befor releasing him back in the garden where I found him. For years I thought of turtles as lumbering, awkward creatures. So when I first saw a sea turtle swimming I was astounded by its grace. It seemed to glide, almost as in flight. I have been enchanted by them ever since. Drawing this turtle was a fun challenge. I found the scale patterns on the head and limbs are intricate and lovely as well as the unique coloring of the shell. I hope I captured the lovely grace of the sea turtle.

Edition size 50
Print Size:13"x13"
Matted size (circle cut mat):16"x16"
$50 Unframed, $80 Framed